Let’s have sex in a tree!

Crysta, please. I’m tired and very, very small.

Let’s have sex in the sky.

Please, Crysta. Please, I beg you.

Teach me a lesson, Zak. A Big Person lesson.

I’ve got nothing left..

Teach me what happens to small fairies when they shrink large men and make them cross.

Why aren’t you tired?! We killed a tree-leveller today!

Yes. Someone built that tree-leveller, someone cared for that tree-leveller. Make me sorry. Small sorry.


Sex me in but a tiny way.


You will.

I will not.

Let have sex on the back of a bat!

He doesn’t deserve that. Nobody deser-

It’s the last rainforest.

I know that.

Fuck me in the last rainforest!

Alright, that’s it, I’m out. Make me bigger.


Not like that, make me normal size. I’m done.

But, I’m kooky and fun. And literally a manic pixie.

I’m done, Crysta.

Fuck me like an evil lizard would.


Sex me in a way that people wouldn’t understand.

Ok, that’s it.

What are you doing?

Dialling my tiny little phone that I have.

Are you phoning work to say you can’t come in because of fairy sex?

Hey, guys! It’s me.

Who are you-

Yeah, change of plans. Burn it down.


Burn it all down.

Zak, no.

Screw it, Crysta. I’m done. This rainforest is HORRIBLE.

They’re lighting fires out there!



Zak…Those fires must be pretty… hot…

I hate you, Crysta.


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