Charlie had always had horns. He’d had them since birth apparently, little nubs sticking out of his head in the normal place that horns grew. They weren’t sharp, although when he grew up his mother made sure to tell Charlie that she’d felt every inch of his delivery. “Like giving birth to a headbutt.” Cruel woman. Continue reading



Adara and Abe were best friends. It went beyond their youth, they shared more than just being young and in the same tribe, the way most kids are roped into friendships by default. “Here is a child” an elder would say to Adara, plopping a drooling, shitting thing in front of her. “Now waste each other’s time until sunset.” Continue reading


Harry sits absent-mindedly tracing the edges of the flyer with his fingertips. He sits and stares at the cabinet in front of him, tall, wide, and empty. The right door hangs open but the left is still latched. Even in the half-light, the black and scarlet ridges etched into the panel still say magic. Theatre and magic. Continue reading